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Russian Dog Names

Russian Dog Names: Do you have a dog? If so, then you know that there are many different names for dogs in the world. You might not be able to find an appropriate name for your pup, but fear not!

Whether your pup is cute and cuddly or tough and rough, there are plenty of options to choose from.

What’s more, many of these names have meanings that help show off your pup’s personality.

Russian Dog Names

We at Animal World Blogs have compiled this list of 20 Russian Dog Names for your convenience.

They’re all beautiful and unique-sounding, so take a look through our list and see what suits your canine best!

The Top 10 Most Popular Russian Dog Names:

  1. Sasha – This is the most famous Russian dog name out there. It means ‘Defender of Mankind’, and it’s also the name of one of Russia’s most popular singers.
  2. Masha – This is a very cute Russian dog name. It means ‘Maria.’

3 Liza – This is an adorable choice for your new puppy! It means ‘Wisdom.’

  1. Vanya – If you want something unique but not too out there, go for this simple Russian dog name. It means ‘A Variant of John.’
  2. Alina – This is another great female choice for your new pup! It’s also the name of one of Russia’s most popular actresses.
  3. Kira – This is a cute choice for your Russian puppy. It means ‘A Lady.’
  4. Talya – This is a great female pick for your new dog. It means ‘A Little Girl.’
  5. Artem – This is also one of Russia’s most popular male dog names! It means ‘Peaceful Ruler.’
  6. Vova – If you’re looking for a great male dog name, it doesn’t get much better than this. It means ‘A Variant of the Name Vladimir.’
  7. Zoya – This is another popular Russian dog name that you’ll hear a lot! It means ‘Life.’

20 Russian Dog Names & Meanings :

Russian Dog Names


  1. Masha:

The most popular Russian dog name, Masha. In Russia, this name means “wet nurse” and is typically used for female dogs.

Masha is also a type of Russian soup made from salted pork, a common dish part of Russia’s cuisine since at least the tenth century.

  1. Vanya:

Next up is Vanya, which is a short form for Ivan. This name is often given to male dogs, and it typically means “holy”, “the Lord”, or “gracious” in both English and Russian.

  1. Alina:

On the other hand, Alina can be translated as “Lily”. It has the same meaning in both languages, and it is often used for female dogs.

  1. Sasha

Another popular name that people give their pets is Sasha, translated as “defender” or “protector”. This name has the same meaning in Russian, although it also stands for “man” or “boy”.

  1. Taras

One of the unique Russian dog names out there is Taras. It typically means “fast runner”, so it’s perfect if you have a canine who always runs around your home. However, it also means “student” and even “Paris”.

  1. Vera

If you want to go for a more feminine-sounding name, Vera is a perfect choice. It means “faith”, and it’s also the female version of Vladimir in Russia.

  1. Ira

For a male dog, you can give them Ira instead. This name stands for “watchful” or “concerned” in Russian, and it is often used for pets that are alert and always seem to be on the lookout. As such, people like to use this one for their guard dogs.

  1. Chica

On the other hand, China might be a good option if you want to mean something other than what’s written above. It simply means “girl” in general, and both English and Russian speakers know it.

  1. Kisa

Talking about other meanings, what would you say if we tell you that Kisa can also mean “furball”? This is another popular name in Russia and one that people often use for cats instead of dogs.

  1. Romka

While not as famous as the above examples, Romka is another great option for male dogs. It can be translated to “Russian”, and while it doesn’t sound too flattering when used by itself, it sounds quite decent when put together with the last name like Popov or Mikhailov.

  1. Gena

Another way to go if you want to give your dog a male moniker is Gena. This particular option is often used for pets that are happy go lucky, so you can have it mean “happy” in Russian.

  1. Kofya

How would you like your furry friend to be named Kofya? This is another popular option that means “joy” or “merry-making”.

  1. Lera

If you want an even more feminine name, Lera might be a good pick for your pet. It means “lion”, but while it sounds amazing in English, this moniker doesn’t stand out too much in its Russian translation. However, some people use this one if they think their pet’s mane looks similar to a lion’s!

  1. Milka

Milka is also known as the Russian version of “chocolate” or even “sheep”. As such, it’s another great name for female dogs.

  1. Lina

Lina can be translated to “light” and “radiant” in both English and Russian for a more beautiful choice. It’s also commonly used for restaurant waitresses, so you can have it stand for “bright” or even “beautiful” instead if you want!

  1. Kisa

Last but not least, there’s Kisa once again! Just kidding… However, this name means “furball” in Russia, and while some people call their pets by that term too, others prefer using it for cats only.

  1. Vasia

Before you get too excited about our last name, don’t worry–we’re not promoting anyone in particular here. Vasia is simply the male version of the popular choice Vasilisa that stands for “flower” or “resembling a fairy”.

  1. Asya

As for Asya, while it can mean “morning”, it’s one of the most common translations of Anastasiya or “resurrection” in Russian. So if your beloved pet passed away, you might want to give them this moniker instead!

  1. Igor

Igor can also be used for male and female dogs, although it’s more commonly given to males. The word has the same meaning as Egorka or even “warrior” in Russian. You can also use this one if you want your dog to have a serious but strong-sounding name!

  1. Ulyana

Ulyana is another example of a female Russian name derived from the male version, so it’s also more common for pets than its traditional English translation would suggest. It simply means “superb”, and some people also prefer this one over Lina when describing hair that looks shiny and healthy.

  1. Maxim

Last but not least, Maxim is another example of a great name for male dogs. It’s the Russian translation of Macarius or “great” in English. As such, you can have it mean “greatest” instead if you want to make your pet sound even more awesome!

Tips for Choosing Russian Dog Names

Russian Dog Names

If you’re a pet lover and you’re thinking about getting a dog, it’s important to consider what the will be.

You’ll have plenty of options for naming your new pup, but if you want something unique, then Russian dog names are perfect for you.

So, here below is some help on how to pick the perfect Russian dog name:

  • Don’t choose a Russian dog name that means something rude or derogatory.
  • Avoid common names like “Max” and “Sasha.”
  • Could you keep it simple? Stick with one-syllable words like “Masha”.
  • Pick a name that ends in “a” or “ya.”
  • Don’t feel like you have to pick a male or female name. The dog doesn’t care!


Russian Dog Names


Russian dog names are derived from the owners’ family names and can also come with many different meanings. The most popular Russian dog names include Masha, Vanya, Sasha, Alina, Liza and many more!

These unique breed-specific names will help your pup stand out in their neighbourhood or on social media. If you want to learn more about these creative breeds or get some inspiration for naming your furry friend, then check out this blog post!

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