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Regal Cat Names

regal cat names

The regal cat names is a household pet that typically has an air of sophistication due to its long coats and aristocratic appearance.

But there are many different cats with the same qualities, and they all have some pretty awesome names

You may know your cat by one of these regal titles: Lion heart, Royalty, Nobleman, or Prince. There is something for every kitty out there. All you need to do is find the right name for your feline friend!

regal cat names

Regal Cat Names and meaning:

regal cat names

Here are the regal cat names & meanings

Name Meaning
LionheartLionheart, or Leo, is a name that means courageous.
RoyaltyRoyalty is a title meaning sovereign power.
NoblemanNobleman refers to someone in a higher social class than everyone else.
PrinceA prince is the son of a monarch or sovereign ruling family.
PrincessA princess is a female heir to a monarch or sovereign’s throne.
KingA king rules his subjects with full power and authority, usually through government.
QueenA queen rules her subjects in the same way as a male king does.
Majesty Majesty is the word for the royal authority and dignity of a monarch.
LordA lord rules his dominion with full power and authority, like royalty.
LadyA lady is a term used to refer to a woman from a high social class or ranking in society, especially one who has never been married before.
MonarchA monarch is the highest ruler of a particular region.
RegalThis word refers to something having to do with being royal or related to regality, such as regal cat names!
SovereignThis word is often used about someone who has full power and authority, just like royalty.
MajestyThe word majesty refers to something of greatness or grandeur, which is very fitting for your regal feline friend!
HighnessA highness is a quality that belongs only to royalty and the highest social classes in society.
GrandeurGrandeur is a term used as an epithet for majestic and royal beings.
KinglinessKingliness is a term that refers to the qualities of nobility, majesty, and grandeur found in royalty.
KittenA kitten is often referred to as a young cat or baby feline before it becomes fully grown.
PrincessyThis is simply a term used to refer to your regal kitty, as she is the princess of your home!
PrincelyA princely cat embodies grace and power like royalty does.
RulerThis title suits a strong-willed feline friend with lots of authority well!
MonarchialThis is a word used to describe something having to do with royalty or monarchy.
ImperialIf your cat has the qualities of a great leader, she deserves an imperial name! This word refers to power and authority in government affairs.
SovereigntyThis word typically relates to the authority of monarchs or other sovereign figures in their governing powers.
ImperialeThis word is a term used to describe something related to majesty and dignity.
MajestatA majestic is a term for something considered marvelous in appearance or bearing, like your regal cat!
SovereignlyThis word is used to describe the authority and power of a monarch or ruler.
ImperialisticThis term means having to do with imperialism, which requires an understanding of political power and dominance over other territories.
Absolute MonarchAn absolute monarch has full power in governing affairs without any restrictions or limitations applied by another authority.
DictatorshipA dictatorship is a form of government in which one person has absolute power and authority over the entire country or region, without limitations from another source.
DominanceThis word refers to having complete control over territory and people with no other force to contest it or oppose it.
Royalist A royalist believes that a particular form of monarchical government is best for their nation or state.
MajestyThis word is often used about something considered majestic, such as royalty.
GrandeurGrandeur refers to having qualities of greatness and grandness in a way that is fitting only to royals and the highest social classes.
HighnessA highness is a quality that belongs only to royalty and the highest social classes in society.
KittenishThis word defines the quality of behaving or appearing young and juvenile.
PrincelyThis qualifies as an excellent name for your regal kitten, as he may be considered a prince of his home!

Regal Cat Names for Male Kittens:

regal cat names

Some of the Regal Cat Names for Male Kittens:

  • Atticus
  • Princeton
  • Redmond
  • Sterling
  • Thurston
  • Augustus
  • Britton
  • Broderick
  • Godfrey
  • Hamilton
  • Jacques
  • Kennedy
  • Caesar
  • Calhoun
  • Carlyle
  • Ashton
  • Carter
  • Conrad
  • Darcy
  • Edgar
  • Eldridge
  • Fletcher
  • Gatsby
  • Kingston
  • Leopold
  • Lex
  • Maddox
  • Marlowe
  • Othello
  • Preston
  • Ghengis 

Female Regal Cat Names:

Some female regal cat names include:

  • Noblewoman
  • Princess
  • Lady (Grey)
  • La Reina
  • Mrs. Grey
  • Queen of the Nile
  • Duchess.
  • Matriarch
  • Queen
  • Royalty
  • Innocent (Elf)

Funny Regal Cat Names:

If you’re looking for funny, regal cat names, we’ve got just the thing. These are names of majestic and regal cats, but they also have a quirky and adorable side.

You might recognize some of these kitty powers from other animals:

  • The Mighty
  • The Magnificent
  • The Boss Cat
  • The Queen of the Court
  • The Regal One
  • Lion heart
  • Royalty
  • King of Swing
  • Tiger Blood
  • The Little Lion
  • Ivan The Terrific
  • Royal Pain.

How Do You Pick The Right Name?

regal cat names

Picking the right name for your cat can sometimes be a difficult task. It would help if you tried to pick a name that fits your cat’s personality or one that has some significance for you. Some good ideas are:

  • Names that sound like their owner’s words
  • Actions they take in different situations, like playtime or sleeping
  • Terms that have family significance, like a relative’s name or names of other pets you’ve had in the past.
  • If your cat is black and white, think about naming them after some royalty. With so many regal
  • Sounding names to choose from, such as King, Queenie, Good fellow, and Lion heart (to name a few), and you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for your royal kitty! 


If you’re having trouble finding the perfect name for your cat, why not choose one of these regal names instead?

They’ll help ensure that everyone knows your kitty is different and deserves to be treated like royalty.


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