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Mexican Cat Names

Mexican Cat Names

Mexican Cat Names Are you looking for a name for your new pet kitten and considering naming it after something related to its heritage. Here are some words that might inspire you!

I spent many years living in Mexico, so one of the first things that came to mind when I saw my fluffy little ball of fur was “El Gato.”

Of course, this is a cat in Spanish, but if you’re not into the whole bilingual thing, then there’s always El Gatito.

If you want something with a more Mexican feel, then how about La Guapa or El Rey? Or if you like cats then let your little feline be whatever he wants to be and call him simply Kitten. Who knows what creative ideas will come to him once he’s grown?

Mexican Cat Names and Meaning:

mexian cat

Several Mexican cat names carry with them particular meanings. Some are more popular than others, such as

Name Meaning
AmbrosiaWhich means “goddess of the eternal spring?”
Dobermanwhich means “one who guards against danger?”
KyraWhich means “lady?”
Carpe Diem Means “seize the day!” or “live for today.”
AuroraMeaning “dawn.”
AlegríaMeaning “happiness” in Spanish and Portuguese.
DulceWhich means “sweet” in Spanish and Portuguese?
TristanMeaning “the truest and noblest of all knights.”
MorriganA goddess name is meaning “the great queen.”
SiennaWhich refers to a reddish-brown pigment?
QuetzalcoatlThe feathered serpent god of the Aztecs.
LoboMeaning “wolf” in Spanish: This is another great Mexican cat name for your pet cat, as it comes from a very common Mexican last name!

So if you’ve got a new kitten and are looking for some that is also great for Mexican cats, be sure to check out these popular names:

Name Meaning
KatalinaWhich is a fun and unique way to spell Katherine or Catherine?
Itzayana (Itza)A very popular Mexican name among girls and boys!
QuetzalcoatlIf you’re hoping to pay tribute to your feline’s Mexican heritage!
Lupita (Lupita)Another incredibly common Mexican name in Mexico and the U.S.
DelilahMeaning “seductive and it’s also a great song by Tom Jones!
Leilais The classic European variation of Laila, which means “night” in Arabic.
CarmenisA classic Spanish name that may also be related to the opera of the same name by Georges Bizet!
Luna (Luna)Another great Mexican or Aztec-inspired name, thanks to its association with mythology and astronomy
Solana (Soledad, Solange) Means “solitude” and is a beautiful way to honour your feline’s Mexican background!
Mayan (Maya)Referring to the ancient pre-Columbian Maya civilization of Mexico or Central America.
NadiaMeaning “hope” or “grace.”
Sofia (Sophia)Which means “wisdom” in Greek?
SiennaMeaning “reddish-brown.”
Amaya (Amaya, Mayahuel, Mayan, Maya)A popular goddess from Aztec mythology!
Dulce (Dulcinea)A Spanish term of endearment.
TristanaThe name of a character in Don Quixote, by Miguel de Cervantes.
Athena (Athena or Athene)Referring to the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare.
KyraMeaning “lady,” a popular name in both Greek and Italian.
Carpe Diem (Carpe, Carp): Which means “seize the day?”
Aurora:Meaning “dawn.”
AlegríaAlso written as Allegria, this means “happiness.”
Xochitl (Xochitla, Xochiquetzal)Which means “flower” in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs and other indigenous people of Mexico?
CarmelaIs a beautiful Spanish name with religious origins that also refers to a flowering cactus!
Carmelina (or Carmenita)Another popular Spanish name with origins that may also refer to a type of cactus!
BronwynWhich means “white-breasted?
CorazonWhich means “heart” in Spanish?
Dulce (Dulcemaria, Dulce Nombre, Dulce Corazon):Spanish terms of endearment and names!
EstrellaWhich means “star?”
Lucia (Luciana, Lucero):Meaning “light” or “torch” in Latin.

Popular Female Mexican Cat Names:

Mexican Cat Names

Here are the some popular female Mexican cat names:

  • Araceli
  • Candela
  • Daniella
  • Estrella
  • Fabiana
  • Carmen
  • Catalina
  • Alejandra
  • Alessandra
  • Antonella
  • Constanza
  • Fernanda

Male Mexican Cat Names:

Some of the male Mexican cat names:

  • Javier
  • Jesús
  • Jorge
  • Jose
  • Santiago
  • Santino
  • Thiago
  • Valentino
  • Juan
  • Julián
  • Luis
  • Manuel
  • Mario
  • Mauricio
  • Matías
  • Maximiliano
  • Miguel
  • Pablo
  • Pedro
  • Gabriel
  • Gerardo
  • Héctor
  • Ignacio
  • Iván
  • Rafael
  • Ramiro
  • Raúl
  • Ricardo
  • Roberto

How Do You Pick the Right Mexican cat Name?

Mexican Cat Names

Pick a name for your pet cat that has something to do with where your cat is from, like naming a German cat after famous Germans or a Spanish cat after famous Spaniards.

  1. Reflect on what has been going on in the news related to Mexico recently
  2. Spend some time reading about Mexican culture and tradition
  3. Your cat may have an idea of its own for its name- ask other people you know who might have suggested names they like
  4. Look up pictures of animals in Mexican folklore- this can be a good way of coming up with creative Mexican cat names
  5. Think about popular figures from Mexico, such as artists and authors
  6. Search for specific types of animals that are native to Mexico to come up with ideas for cool Mexican cat names
  7. The name doesn’t always have to be in Spanish or even connected with Mexico- sometimes, it can just be something that sounds like a Mexican name.
  8. If you plan on getting more cats in the future, consider a theme for your pets’ names- maybe you could name all of them after types of clouds or types of food.
  9. Get inspiration from common Mexican names, like Maria or Francisco- maybe you could even come up with a nickname for your cat based on its name.
  10. Think about colours associated with Mexico and use those as inspiration for a Mexican cat name.


If you’re looking for a name for your new pet kitten and are considering naming it after something related to its heritage, here are some names that might inspire you.

Whether you want to pick one of the traditional Mexican cat names or show off your knowledge of Spanish with Quechua words, there is an option out there for everyone!


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