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Japanese cat names are very different from the norm. For instance, there is a word for the rainbow in Japanese: Niji. And black cats are called KuroNeko. If you want to give your pet a special name like this, these might be perfect for them!

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There are many other types of words that may not seem very Japanese yet actually are. Neko is the term for the cat in Japanese, and Koneko means “kitten”. One thing you can use when picking your pet’s name is to look at their personality.

If they’re bold (like my Maine coon), they may like a more assertive name, or if they are shy, you could try naming them with a more cute and gentle Japanese name.

Top 20+ Unique Japanese Cat Names and Meaning:

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If you’re looking for Japanese Cat Names, you’ll find many that are just as adorable as the language.

Below we have some of the best and most popular cat names in Japan: Neko (Cat), Koneko (Kitten), Niji (Rainbow), KuroNeko (Black Cat), and more!

Name Meaning
Neko The word ‘neko’ means ‘cat’ in the Japanese language. It is also a common given name for girls in Japan.
Koneko ‘Koneko’ is Japanese for kitten and is often used to nickname younger sisters.
Niji ‘Niji’ means rainbow in Japanese. This type of cat name is quite popular, and it’s used in the feminine form.
KuroNeko ‘Kuroneko’ means black cat. It has a cute, feminine sound with no real meaning other than what you see as an image in your mind when you hear the name
Kamoneko ‘Kamoneko’ means calico cat. This is a cute name for any female cat that has the colouring of a kamoneko.
Hane ‘Hane’ is a beautiful Japanese word meaning feather or to fly. It’s also used as a feminine nickname for someone who lives in Hane City. It’s a common name for cats, especially girls, to have.
Mimi ‘Mimi’ means ear in Japanese. This cat name is very cute and can be used both as a girl or boy cat name.
Rin ‘Rin’ is listed in the dictionary as an onomatopoeia, which means a word used for the sound its letters make. It can be used as a female or male name and is considered to be very feminine.
‘Shin’ is an onomatopoeia that sounds like a quick movement of air. It can also mean ‘truth’ in Japanese. This is a very cute name for any cat.
Katsu ‘Katsu’ in Japan means a win, which makes this a great cat name because you can say that your cat won you over with her cuteness! It’s also used as a nickname for boys who like the martial art of karate.
Mi ‘Mi’ is another beautiful word that means as much as to be in love. This makes a good female name for any cat, especially if they’re always following you around and nuzzling your leg! It’s also considered to be very feminine.
Hani ‘Hani’ means ant in Japanese. This cat name is unique and unlike any other, so it’s a great option for you.
Neru ‘Neru’ means to sleep in Japanese. It’s not only used as a male cat name but also makes a good nickname for your nerdy kitty who loves to stay up all night!
Suki ‘Suki’ means like or love. It’s considered very feminine and is also used in an expression that you use when you like a certain food.
Iro ‘Iro’ means color in Japanese. When this word is combined with Neko (cat), it makes a very attractive name for any cat!
Rettou ‘Rettou’ is a cute masculine Japanese name meaning silver. It’s used primarily for cats that have the coloring of a silver tabby cat.
Show ‘Show’ is an adorable, very feminine Japanese name that means butterfly or moth. This is also a good choice for you if your cat
Tama ‘Tama’ is a very common word in Japanese that can be used as anything from an expression of respect or to use the bathroom. This type of Japanese cat name is very cute and feminine sounding.
Kei The word ‘key means pain in Japanese. If your cat makes you feel pain because they’ve elbowed you in the face one too many times, then this is a perfect name for them!
Tora The word ‘tora’ in Japanese means tiger. This can be used to describe any cat that has the coloring of a tiger, or it can be used as a nickname for your tabbys or striped cats.
Dorato ‘Dorato’ is an adorable word in Japanese that means gold! It’s a perfect name for any cat with this type of coloring.
Sui ‘Sui’ means water in Japanese, but it sounds more like a word someone would call their cat, such as ‘Sue-Sue’. This is an attractive choice for any female kitty.
Kou The Japanese word ‘Kou’ means king. This could make for a great name if you have an alpha male tabby who always seems to do what he wants!

Cute / Kawaii Japanese Cat Names:

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Japanese culture is known for its kawaii qualities. Then, it makes sense that many people in Japan like to name their cats after things just as cute! Some of these are so adorable I want to rename my cat!

  • Name Meaning
    Cho Butterfly
    Chotto Small.
    Kamu Chewy.
    Kami – Sweetness.
    Himari Sunflower.
    Ichigo Strawberry.
    Etsu Delight.
    Hanako Flower child
    Hare Sunny.

german cat name


If you want to have a unique name for your pet, then Japanese cat names are perfect! This article was created to teach people about these types of games and relate to their pets.

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