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Irish Cat Names

Irish cat names

Irish cat names If you are looking for an Irish cat name, the first thing to do is decide what kind of personality your kitty has.

Some cats like to play all day and sleep all night, while others prefer sitting in their favorite spot in the window or on the couch.

You can also take a look at some popular Celtic names that have been passed down through generations. These include Padraig (Patrick), Finola, Bridgette, Brigid, and Eileen.

In Ireland, we love our animals so much that they often get named after people as well – a sign of genuine affection!

This means there are plenty of great Irish pet names out there waiting for you to discover them!

20 Best Irish cat names and meaning:

Irish cat names

We all know that cats are furry, adorable, and mischievous little creatures. They are also very mysterious animals that have a lot of different meanings.

That’sThat’s why they can be a favourite pet for many people.

There is no iota of doubt about the importance of naming your cat.

It’sIt’s one of the first things you think about when you get home!

For this reason, we’ve collected some Irish cat names with meaning to help you find the perfect name for your new pet.

Irish cat names with meaning and origin:

Irish cat names

AoifeAoife (pronounced Eefa), which means beauty.
Áine: Áine, which means bright, white, fair.
AislingAisling (Ash-ling) means dream.
BanvaBanbha (Banva), which means woman, wife.
SúghraSúghra (Shoo-grah), which means gentle.
TadhgTadhg (Teeig), which means poet.
Ailíosa Ailíosa (Aliosha), which means noble strength,
CiaránCiarán (Kee-a-rawn), which means black man, Fearghus (Ferg-guess), which means strong man.
CaoimheCaoimhe (Kwee-VA), which means gentle, mild;Caoimhe: Caoimhe (Kwee-VA), which means gentle, mild
Ciara Ciara (Kiara), which means black, dark;
EabhaEabha (Eva), which means little and fair one;
EimearEimear (Eva-r), which means pure, chaste.
ÚnaÚna (Oona), which means shoulder
BairbreBairbre (Bar-va), which means speckled, spotted
Caoilfhionn Caoilfhionn (Kweel-een), which means fair and slender.
GráinneGráinne (Grawnya), which means love;
Iníon Uí Iníon Uí (Eenee on Ya) is the Gaelic form of Jane
NiamhNiamh (Neve), which means bright, radiant.
AoibheannAoibheann (Evan), which means pretty one
ComhghallComhghall (Cumal) is derived from cumhall (Warband).
What is the Irish word for cat?
The Irish word for cat is ”Cot”, which sounds like the English word, but it’s pronounced closer to “Koht.” You can easily confuse everyone!

What are some unique Irish cat names?

This list of wild cat names might inspire you to name your new friend something unique and unexpected.

Name Meaning
CatopumaAsian golden cat
ChausJungle cat
Colocolo Pampas cat
Concolor Puma
Aurata African golden cat
Badia Borneo bay cat
CaracalCaracal Lynx

What are the most fantastic cat names?

Irish cat names

Here are some female & male cool cat names:

Female cat names:

  • Luna
  • Charlie
  • Cali
  • Zoe
  • Lola
  • Penny
  • Gracie
  • Willow
  • Olive
  • Kiki
  • Phoebe
  • Frankie

Male Cat Names:

  • Loki.
  • Ollie.
  • Louie.
  • Pumpkin.
  • Gus.
  • Finn.
  • Gizmo.
  • Max.
  • Jack.
  • Milo.
  • Boo.
  • Jasper.

What are some cute cat names?

Irish cat names

If you are trying to pick out an Irish cat name, this list might help:

  • Kitty.
  • Lily.
  • Nala.
  • Luna.
  • Bella.
  • Lucy.
  • Chloe.
  • Cleo.

What do you call a baby cat?

A baby cat is called a kitten. While other animals use the term “kitten” to describe their young, such as beavers and rabbits, it most commonly refers to cats.

There’sThere’s nothing more adorable than watching a group of kittens play together!

Tips for Naming Your Cat

To avoid an awkward situation in the future, you should choose a name for your pet.

The following are some tips that you can use when deciding on what kind of name will suit your cat best:

1) Always consider the gender of the animal before naming it. It might seem like a good idea to give your male cat a female name initially because of its playful nature, but if it ever decides to produce offspring and they have nothing in common with one another, things can get confusing.

2) Consider a broad list of names instead of something specific. There are plenty of different breeds and types of cats out there, so why not find one that suits your preferences?

3) If you want to be original, make sure that the name is not too clichéd. Your cat will appreciate that you took the time to come up with something a little bit different.

4) Think of personal qualities you see in your pet and how it relates to its personality, so if you want to call it Leonard, for example, you know Leonard can be a good name because it is intelligent and perceptive.

5) If you have trouble coming up with names for your cat, the internet can be a good resource. Make sure to sift through credible sites first, however.

You do not want to use something only to find out that it was meant as an insult.

Irish Cat Names Based on Family

Irish cat names

Not only are these Irish last names famous, but they’re also fun to say:

  • Eakin.
  • Feeny.
  • Garvey.
  • Hale.
  • Ivers.
  • Junkins.
  • Agnew.
  • Blaney.
  • Callahan.
  • Darcy.
  • Keown.
  • Looney
  • Mally
  • Neville
  • O’BerryO’Berry.
  • Agnew.
  • Blaney.
  • Callahan.
  • Darcy.
  • Pillion.
  • Quirk.
  • Rafter.
  • Scurry.
  • Tooley.
  • Vincent.
  • Ward.
  • Yaw.

Unisex Irish names for cats

Many beautiful names of Irish origin refer to geography or abstract concepts.

We’veWe’s chosen someplace names from all parts of the island because they sound good; if you have heritage, it can be an excellent idea to name your pet after where your family comes from.

Name Meaning
Bailey Bailiff; famous Irish cream
BranduffBlack raven
CoryFrom the round hill
FaheyFrom the green field
FinglasClear stream; a suburb in Dublin
GlasnevinStream of the infants
AnnaduffFrom the black marsh.
LoughgallCabbage lake; village in County Armagh
Move Joy
AodhfinWhite fire
ArdglassGreen height; town in County Down.
BallyclarePass of the plain; village in County Antrim.
GuinnessPopular Irish beer.
KildareChurch of the oak; town in County Kildare.

Cat Name Inspiration

Many people are thinking about naming their new addition to the family, but they don’t know where to start.

Cats have so many different breeds and names these days, it can be hard to pick just one.

So why not take some inspiration from somewhere else? Here are a few tips for you:

If you or your house is partial to a particular country or city, then browse that country’s online dictionary for inspiration.

If you’re you’re looking for an Irish name, try out words like ”Sadhbh (meaning “dream””) or ”Ciara” (meaning “gentle”).


If you’re looking for the perfect Irish cat name, we hope this list has helped. Maybe your new furry friend will be a Siamese or a Maine Coon?

Whatever breed they are, make sure to give them plenty of love and care!

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