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Hipster Cat Names

Hipster Cat Names

Hipster Cat Names

In this article, we’ll explore the hipster side of naming your feline friend and show you some creative ideas for creating that perfect moniker.

More than just being an expression of your personality or something to call out when they do something adorable, your pet’s name is also a way to help them feel more at home in their new family.

Hipster Cat Names

The best names are ones that will stick with him throughout his life and become as much of who he is as the color of his eyes or the sound of his meow (or lack thereof).

Whether it has meaning for you, reflects what makes him unique, or tickles all three parts of your brain simultaneously, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Some Unique Hipster Cat Names and Meaning:

There are so many hipster cat names, and most people can think of a different one. it can be creative because cats are the most incredible animals ever! These are some of my favorite hipster cat names:

Name Meaning
Nacho CatNamed after the food, this name is super trendy!
Dylan CatNamed after Bob Dylan, whose music is timeless.
Tom Hanks Named after Tom Hanks, who starred in Castaway
and was stranded on an island.
Beyonce CatYou can name your feline friend after Beyonce because she’s perfect and excellent!
Aquafina CatNamed after the bottled water company. If you love water, why not name your feline friend after it?
Kesha CatNamed after the famous singer who is known for her fun, crazy songs.
Pabst Blue Ribbon CatThis is in honour of the beer company whose blue ribbon logo can be found all around town on street signs and t-shirts!
Blue Bottle Coffee CatNamed after the famous company that makes all of your favourite hipster drinks!
Pamplemousse CatNamed after a pink grapefruit that is a blend between orange and grapefruit, this name is great for cats who love citrus flavours as well.
Pinot Noir CatThis name is perfect for a red-wine lover’s feline friend.
Cotton No Evil CatNamed after the singer Cotton Mather, whose songs are psychedelic punk-influenced garage rock. This name is perfect for a cat who likes to get down and have fun!
Garcia’s CatNamed after Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, an American musician, and songwriter. If you love the Grateful Dead, then this name may be perfect for you.
Earl Grey CatNamed after a tea blend made of black tea leaves and oil from bergamot oranges. This name is for an intelligent cat with a fantastic sense of style!
Tardis Cat Named after Dr. Who’s time-traveling device, this name is perfect for a cat who is known to get into trouble and likes to explore.
Budweiser CatNamed after the beer company, this name is perfect for a feline who loves drinking and having a good time!
Captain Morgan CatThis hipster cat name was made famous by Will Ferrel’s character in the Anchorman movie. If you love the hilarious comedy, then this name may be perfect for your cat!
Whiskers McGillicuddy CatNamed after a brand of ginger beer made famous in the 1800s and was once bottled by Pepsi Cola. This name is excellent for a ginger cat with a fantastic sense of style!

Unisex Hipster Cat Names:

Hipster Cat Names

Here are some Unisex Hipster Cat Names:

  • Avery
  • Blaine
  • Blake
  • Blue
  • Bracken
  • Adley
  • Amory
  • Ansen
  • Arden
  • Auden
  • August
  • Grey
  • Ira
  • Jude
  • Jules
  • Kai
  • Kagan
  • Prairie
  • Quinn
  • Reese
  • Remy
  • Scout
  • Sloan
  • Teigen
  • Bryce
  • Coby
  • Darby
  • Devon
  • Finley
  • Frances
  • Klynn
  • Lennon
  • Marlow
  • Merritt
  • Mikkel
  • Nyx
  • Orly
  • Wynn

Top names for the Male and Female coolest cats :

Hipster Cat Names

Male cats Names:

  • Rupert.
  • Lincoln.
  • Pablo.
  • Gilbert.
  • Tux.
  • Ziggy.
  • Sebastian.
  • Elliott.
  • Oliver.
  • Charlie.
  • Jack.
  • Oscar.
  • Finn.
  • Frankie.
  • Ozzy.
  • Blaze.
  • Seamus.
  • Gunther.

Female Cat Names:

  • Zoe.
  • Olive.
  • Piper.
  • Zelda.
  • Clementine.
  • Fiona.
  • Suki.
  • Sadie.
  • Lucy.
  • Willow.
  • Lola.
  • Kiki.
  • Penelope.
  • Freya.
  • Arya.
  • Frankie.
  • Iris.
  • Ophelia.

How to Pick the Right Hipster Cat Names?

We’ll start by just picking a few names from the list. There are so many to choose from that you might not be able to decide on just one!

Here are a couple of the more popular ones:

  • Hipster Kitty.
  • Chillaxin’ Calico.
  • Nefertiti, Queen of Cats.

Of course, this is just scratching the surface of what are out there. You can also pick more creative names like

  • Raniero, Rimbaudian Kitties.
  • Baby Talker, Meow Mixer.
  • Coffee Talker, Meow Maker.
  • Moonshiner, Booze.

This list of Hipster Cat Names is organized from most popular to least. Just like any other Internet article or blog post out there, you can always go in the “customer reviews” section and find one that looks interesting to fit your cat’s personality.

What are some of the Cool Hipster Cat Names?

Top 10 Hipster Cat Names:

Name Meaning
Buster If your cat is always on the go, this is a great name!
Panda A cute and simple name for a cutie kitty.
Mr Bigglesworth In honour of the late great actor, Sir. Christopher Lee (RIP)
Socks Need we say more? It’s a classic!
Oreo This is a funky name if your cat is black and white.
Captain Morgan For the pirate cats out there!
Lady Meowford Your cat might be a lady, but she’s fierce like a pirate.
Mr Whiskersworth This is an epic name for your majestic feline.
Etta Kitteh If you’re an Etta James fan, this is the perfect name!
Bob Dylan The best and most unique cat name of all time!

What do the British call a cat?

A moggy is a British term for a cat. A moggy is an English term for a mixed breed cat.

Examples of this type are cats that aren’t purebred, such as siamese or tabbies with another colour.

Some believe that the term moggy was derived from a tabby cat’s forehead markings, which resemble an “M.” Others point out that in England during medieval times, moggy meant mouse. The British called cats “moggy-catchers” for their ability to catch mice.


For those looking for creative names for their cats, this list is the perfect place to start. These lists have it all from naming your cat after a favorite drink or lyric from Bob Dylan songs!

If you want help brainstorming some ideas of what type of name would fit with your personality and lifestyle, feel free to contact us at any time.

We can provide advice on how best to find a perfect hipster cat name while also helping in creating an overall marketing plan tailored just for you, guaranteed to be more successful than anything else out there.

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