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Halloween Cat Names

Halloween Cat Names

Halloween Cat Names It’s the time of year when you can find a new name for your cat. And if there’s one thing that cats love, it’s dressing up in costumes! Check out this list of 35 spooky names and see which one is perfect for your feline friend.

The possibilities are endless when you have to choose from such creative Halloween cat names as Salem, Gidgette, or Batsy!

Halloween Cat Names

Whether they enjoy cuddling with their owner on the couch all day long or playing with other pets outside while getting some exercise, these Halloween cat names will be sure to make them feel like royalty for a night.

In the run-up to Halloween, it’s always fun to get creative with your costume. But what about your cat? What should you dress them as for this festive holiday?

Here are some suggestions: Hocus Pocus, a witch’s familiar. The Shining is an evil twin of the Overlook Hotel in Stephen King’s novel; Poltergeist, a ghostly prankster, or just any other spooky character from your favourite scary movie!

30 Halloween cat names and their meaning:

Here are some Halloween cat names and their meaning:

Halloween Cat

QuasimodoThe Hunchback of Notre Dame: It is a character from the novel and the Disney film.
BeetlejuiceAn evil spirit that can possess humans
The GrinchDr Seuss’ Christmas storybook where the protagonist is a prickly, mean, green creature who wants to steal Christmas
FrankensteinMary Shelley’s book about a scientist who breathes life into his creation but then the creature turns against him for revenge
RiddlerA villain in Batman comics who commits crimes by giving riddles as clues
PennywiseThe clown from Stephen King’s “It” who appears for 27 years every three decades to haunt the children of Derry, Maine
GremlinA member of a fictional species that are sometimes depicted as troublesome and causing problems in aircraft
Praying MantisAn insect with large forelimbs resembling a praying stance
ErebusIn Greek mythology, he is the personification of darkness and shadow where he is one of the first five beings to exist
DragonflyInsects famous for their ability to fly even with enormous wings
ChupacabraA cryptid from the Americas that attacks farm animals and drains all of their blood.
BansheeAn Irish spirit who warns people when a family member dies so they can say goodbye.
Black CatA folklore in many countries that a black cat crossing someone’s path brings bad luck or misfortune
LechuzaAccording to Mexican folklore, lectures are witches who take on the appearance of an ordinary woman by day but turn into powerful owls at night.
CerberusIn Greek mythology, he is the guardian of Hades, making sure no one escapes
GargoyleStone statues found on roofs of buildings known for their grotesque features
KrakenA legendary sea monster that is said to be sighted by sailors, but it has never been proven to exist.
MinotaurIn Greek mythology, he was a creature with the head of a bull and the body of a strong man who lived in labyrinths
MummyAn Egyptian corpse preserved by the use of bandages and having magical powers
Jack o’ LanternThe name given to an all-purpose ghost from Irish folklore that brings good or bad luck depending on how it is treated
NightmareIn dream interpretation, they are creatures that give bad dreams when one sleeps
PhoenixFamous mythological bird is known for rising from its ashes after death
GargoyleStone statues found in Gothic architecture and are designed to scare away evil spirits
BansheeAn Irish spirit that appears before the death of a family member
MummyA dead body from ancient Egypt preserved using bandages
Black CatA cat with dark fur colour.
DragonflyIn insects, it is known for its ability to fly with enormous wings.
Praying MantisInsects famous for having large forelimbs in a praying stance.
RiddlerVillain in Batman comics who commits crimes by giving riddles as clues.
FrankensteinMary Shelley’s novel where a scientist gives life to his experiment.

What is a good name for a Halloween cat?

There are many names you can call your orange cat, including Pumpkin, Applejack, or Marigold. If you have a black cat and want to name it after one of the most famous literary figures in history: Dracula is also an option!

Gray cats are almost always named for their fur colours, such as Ghost or Smokey. White kitties should be called Phantom (after someone else’s ghost) or Opal (for opalescent).

What are scary names for cats?

Halloween Cats

  • Name Meaning
    Grimalkin A grim-like, shadowy creature from the British Isles known for killing chickens and other small animals.
    Ghost Cat A cat that died and came back as a ghost. (See: Poltergeist)
    Lamia This is a Greek mythological monster that takes on many forms but usually has the upper body and the lower body of a snake or dragon
    Banshee An Irish mythological being often associated with the coming of death.
    Dracula The most famous vampire from literature who drank blood and could transform into a bat or wolf. (See: Batcat)
    Hansel A character in the Brothers Grimm folktale Hansel and Gretel whose parents left him and his sister in the woods to be eaten by witches who lived in a candy house made of cake and sweets.
    Sally This character appears in Tim Burton’s 1993 film The Nightmare Before Christmas, a rag doll created by Dr. Finklestein.

What are good Halloween names?

“Did you know that there are also a lot of Halloween baby names out there?

The US Top 1000 includes Jack and Autumn and Annabelle, Hazel, Jason, and Vincent.

However, we didn’t just stop at scary! We’ve included some other popular benign Halloween-themed names such Eve.”

What are some fantastic cat names?

Halloween Cat Names

Cool Female Cat Names:

  1. Charlie
  2. Zoe
  3. Lola
  4. Cali
  5. Daisy
  6. Harley-Davidson
  7. Luna
  8. Jupiter

Cool Male Cat Names:

  • Jack
  • Loki
  • Ollie
  • Milo
  • Reggie
  • Jax
  • Henry
  • Oliver
  • Zeus


As you can see, there are a ton of different Halloween cat names available to choose from. We hope that this list has helped narrow down your search for the perfect name for your furry friend!

Don’t worry if you still haven’t found it yet or would like more ideas; we have plenty more lists on our blog.

Head over and check out some other great articles with creative ideas to help you find the right one for your kitty! Happy hunting!

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