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Dalmatian Dog Names

Dalmatian dogs ( Dalmatian Dog Names ) are one of the most recognizable breeds out there. The spotted dalmatian is a symbol of firefighting worldwide, and their distinctive markings make them stand out in any crowd.

And while they may be known for their black spots, you can find other colors too!

There are red-browns, fawns, pure whites with brown spots, or “biscuit” colored Dalmatians with brown ears and noses.

But no matter what color your Dalmatian is, it will always have that iconic spotty coat that makes them so lovable! So how do you pick a name for your new pup?

Start by looking up these popular names to see which ones fit your pet.

61 Dalmatian dog names & meanings:

61 Dalmatian dog names meanings:

  1. Ace – A small card, usually a playing card.
  2. Blackie – The color black.
  3. Blaze – A sudden burst of flames or intense heat or light, as from a fire or an explosion.
  4. Charlie – Who was Charlie?
  5. Dotty – Dotty is a pet name for Dorothy, short for Dolores, short for Deloris, and short for Delia, which are all feminine given names meaning “sorrow.”
  6. Duke – Duke is a masculine given name of English origin, meaning “leader.”
  7. Gypsy – Used to refer to one of the nomadic people in Europe who traveled around in caravans and sold trinkets.
  8. Hippo – A massive, typically amphibious mammal of sub-Saharan Africa, having a large body and long mouth and nose.
  9. Jethro – The name given to Moses’ father-in-law, a Midianite priest or prince of the Israelites.
  10. Liza – A short form of Elizabeth, also spelled Lizabeth or Elisabeth.
  11. Margo – Short for Margot, which is the French form of Margaret, meaning “pearl.”
  12. Pepper – A condiment made from the dried berries of a capsicum plant, usually red peppers.

  13. Rocky – Rock, a naturally occurring solid aggregate of minerals and mineraloids.
  14. Scooter – A small low motorcycle with a step-through frame and a rear-wheel drive, typically having an automatic transmission and driven by twisting the right handlebar to engage a chain driving the rear wheel.
  15. Sheba – A biblical kingdom in southwest Asia, located east of ancient Judea and Philistine country on the northern coast of the modern state of Yemen.
  16. Tink – A minute amount.
  17. Zippy – To move fast or to be lively and energetic.
  18. Snoopy – A cartoon character in a comic strip, created by Charles Schulz, is in the Peanuts gang with Charlie Brown and Lucy most of the time.
  19. Fido – A dog’s name is often given to dogs that bear an excellent character as described as “a good boy.”
  20. Rex – The Latin word for “king,” rex, was the cognomen of the Roman Emperors.

  1. Buddy – A close friend, especially one not involved in a romantic relationship with you.
  2. Daisy – A flower name that was popular during the Victorian era.
  3. Smoky – The color grey, especially when combined with black, forms a mouse or rat of that color.
  4. Coco – The name of chocolate in many languages.
  5. Lady – A woman respected for her achievements and qualities and especially for her dignified and gracious manner.
  6. Agnes – The Latin form of Greek hagnē, which means “chaste, pure.”
  7. Patches – A small piece of material used to decorate or draw attention to something such as a pocket or elbow or knee patches on clothing that would otherwise be plain.
  8. Sparkle – To be very bright and radiant, emitting or reflecting light in a shimmering manner.
  9. Chico – Spanish slang for “boy.”
  10. Muffin – A flat sweet bread roll typically eaten toasted before being buttered or topped with sweet or savory ingredients, such as orange marmalade, banana, chocolate spread, or honey.
  11. Gizmo – A small gadget that has a particular use or function.
  12. Bruno – Form of the name Brun meaning “brown.”
  13. Sally – The female name Sarah means “princess” in Hebrew circles.
  14. Duke – Pertaining to a duke a high ranking nobleman.

  15. Lassie – Originating from the Scottish word “lass,” which means “girl.”
  16. Coco – The name of chocolate in many languages.
  17. Brutus – A variant of the Latin name Brūtus meaning literally “heavy, dull or stupid.”
  18. Tess – A short form of the name Teresa which means “harvester.”
  19. Cuddles – The act of showing affection by holding someone or something close and tight in one’s arms and rocking them from side to side.
  20. Poppy – A bright red flower with seeds often made into homeopathic remedies and a type of opioid painkiller.
  21. Sam – A masculine name with several different origins, including Hebrew, Aramaic, and Gaelic.
  22. Oscar – The boy’s name with the golden curls in the book by Michel Sévigné or an award for excellence such as the Academy Awards.
  23. Jake – A masculine name of Hebrew origin meaning “he who supplants.”
  24. Lulu – French pet form of Louise, a feminine name meaning “renowned in the country.”
  25. Patchwork – The act or process of creating something by sewing or tying together different pieces into one larger piece.
  26. Max – A masculine name of Old German origin meaning “greatest.”
  27. Pippa – The feminine version of the name Philip which means “lover of horses.”
  28. Baby – A term most often used for human offspring, particularly one less than one-year-old, is also affectionate for a young or immobile animal.
  29. Milly – A feminine given name of English origin meaning “mighty in battle.”
  30. Teddy – The nickname for the male name Edward, meaning “wealthy guardian” from the Old English elements þeod “people, tribe” and weard “guardian, protector.”


  1. Spike – To stab or pierce someone with a pointed object.

  2. Buster – An affectionate name for the male dog that likes to eat such as bacon and tuna fish fast food treats or hard bits of food such as bones.
  3. Biscuit – A small soft flour-based baked product usually in the shape of a disc and sometimes flat, crisp, and dry.
  4. Buddy – A term of endearment for a friend or colleague often used by Americans from the south who have a connection to someone younger than them, such as a sibling, cousin, niece, or nephew (boyfriend/girlfriend) and also a close male dog companion.
  5. Cookie – A small sweet dough cake generally contains baking powder, eggs, and flour.
  6. Cleo – A fairly common Spanish name meaning “lady.”
  7. Sammy – The nickname for the male dog that likes to eat fast food treats or hard bits of food such as bones.
  8. Queenie – A pet name for a very attractive female or that has a regal presence, such as Elizabeth II of England.
  9. Muffin – A flat sweet bread roll typically eaten toasted before being buttered or topped with sweet or savory ingredients, such as orange marmalade, banana, chocolate spread, or honey.
  10. Tootles – The boy’s name in the book Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie also means “to snore lightly and regularly with relaxed throat muscles.”

How to pick good Dalmatian dog names?

Picking a name for your Dalmatian is not as easy as picking one for a human. Dogs don’t care what their owners call them, so you can give your dog any name you want, and they will probably be happy to answer to it.

There are some things to keep in mind when choosing a Dalmatian name, though:

-Avoid using common names like “Spot” or “Fido.” All these names have been heavily overused.

-Pick a name that reflects the heritage of your dog if possible. This might not be easy if you lived in the US or Canada and adopted your dog from a rescue organization. In that case, pick a unique name that doesn’t sound too human.

-A Dalmatian name should be short, so your dog can learn it quickly.

-When choosing a female dog’s name, pick something that ends in “i” or “y.” This is the standard suffix for all female dog names.


As you can see, many names have been popular throughout the years. If none of these suits your fancy, then feel free to explore other breeds and their naming conventions as well! Remember, one thing is for certain: every pup deserves a name they will love!

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