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Dachshund Dog Names

Dachshunds are also sometimes called “wiener dogs.” They come in three varieties: smooth, long-haired, and wire-haired. The dachshund was originally bred to hunt badgers and other burrowing animals.

They will enter the hole headfirst with their front paws outstretched like a cat’s paws when hunting prey.

However, even though these muscular little dogs were designed for hunting burrowing animals, they also make great pets!

What type of name should you give your new wiener dog? It can be not easy deciding on one because there are so many options available for them!

If you’re looking for an unusual Dachshund dog names that stands out from all the rest, then take a look at this list of Dachshund dog names you can use for your new dog.

Top 30 List of Dachshund Dog Names


Sausage – A common nickname for dachshunds, Sausage is also an original name that perfectly describes these little dogs!


Bitsy – This one is adorable, and it fits the physique of a wiener dog pretty well.


Wurst – Another great option that also means Sausage!


Kraut – Kraut is a good option for one of the long-haired dachshunds. It’s another word for cabbage, which happens to be their favorite snack!


Schnitzel – This fun name will come in handy when your dachshund has a sudden craving for breaded food.


Bratwurst – Bratwurst is also a type of Sausage, which makes it the perfect name for dachshunds!


Sauerkraut – Same as Kraut but with an adorable little twist! This name will be perfect for one of your long-haired dogs, and it goes great with their German heritage.


Wiener-Wurst – This name may be a little too long, but it is pretty funny!


Spaetzle – Many people don’t know this word, which happens to be a type of noodle in German.

Spätzle – A shorter version of the last name, both words mean “little sparrow.”


Kartoffel – This German word means potato. It’s a good option if you want to give your dachshund a more traditional name that has some history behind it since potatoes are an essential part of the German diet.


Noodles – Just like with Spätzle, Noodles is another word that describes the type of noodle your dachshund happens to love.


Borscht – This is another great name for one of your long-haired dogs who comes of Ukrainian descent. It’s a type of soup made with beets, which are also known as blood-red potatoes!


Kartoffelsalat – Again, another name that reflects the critical role of potatoes in German cuisine.


Sauerbraten – This is a traditional German dish and it will be perfect for your dachshund if they happen to have a strong appetite!


Daube – A type of meat stew that originated in Provence (southern France). Pomme is the French word for apple, which can be used as a nickname for dachshunds who are sweet-natured like their favourite fruit.


Schnitz – Schnitz means “joint” or “cut of meat,” so this name will come in handy if your dachshund loves going on walks and getting lots of exercises.

Crepinette – This is a French word that means “cute little mouse,” and it will not only reflect your dachshund’s cuteness but also their love of scurrying around in holes.


Cassoulet – A type of meat and bean casserole from Toulouse (southwestern France).


Cordon Bleu – This name will be perfect for your dachshund if they love to eat and are well behaved at the dinner table.


Goulash – Originating in Hungary, this is a meat stew that your dachshund can try when they’re feeling homesick.


Boeuf Bourguignon – This is a French beef stew that will make your dachshund stop and smell the roses when they’re out on walks.

Choucroute Garni – Another traditional German dish, this one smells delicious!


Wiener schnitzel – This name won’t do much for your dog’s ego since it refers to them as a type of food.


Tortellini – A type of Italian pasta that’s great for dachshunds who love scarfing down their meals!


Pollo Loco – This is a Spanish name that means “crazy chicken.” It will come in handy if your dachshund is as mischievous as they are adorable.


Huevos Rancheros – This name will fit your dachshund perfectly if they are one to get into mischief at all hours of the day! It’s a tasty Mexican dish that makes your dog feel right at home.


Patatas Bravas – This name is perfect for your spicy dachshund since it’s a traditional dish from Sevilla (southern Spain).


Sopa de Ajo – This is another Spanish dish that will come in handy if your dachshund loves walking around. It’s a type of garlic soup!


Borscht – See the name Borscht for more information on this Polish stew.


Goulash – See the name Goulash for more information on this traditional Hungarian dish.


Weiner schnitzel – Again, this name refers to your beloved dachshund as a type of food!

Borscht – This is another Polish dish that can be used as a nickname if your dachshund loves the smell of beetroot.


Kotler shadowy – This is a traditional dish from Poland, and it will come in handy if your dog loves to walk around.


Kielbasa – A type of Sausage from Poland that resembles the shape of your dachshund!


Leczo Golonka – If you’re looking for a Polish name, look no further.

Another word for “greens” in Polish is another word, which will be perfect if your dachshund loves the outdoors.


Kluski – If you’re looking for an everyday Polish dish that’s easy to make and delicious, this one fits the bill!

Rouladen – This name is great for dachshunds who are sweet-natured. It refers to a German dish that features thinly sliced meat stuffed with pickles or onions!


Sauerbraten – See the name Sauerbraten for details on this traditional German dish.


Klusek – If your dog loves walking around, this is a perfect name for them. It refers to a type of Polish dumpling that is commonly served as street food!


Weisswurst – This German dish will come in handy if your dog loves going on walks and finding new adventures. It’s a sausage made from minced veal and fresh pork back bacon, which makes it the perfect treat for your dachshund lover!


Wiener schnitzel – Again, this name refers to your dog as a type of food.


Choucroute Garni – This name will fit perfectly if your dachshund loves to eat and is well behaved at the dinner table! It’s a German dish that’s loaded with sauerkraut, ham, potatoes, and other meats.


Pirozhki – If your dachshund loves to walk around for hours on end in search of adventure, this is the perfect name for a dachshund dog names them!

10 Inspired Dachshund Dog Names

1. Oscar.
2. Pepperoni.
3. Sausage.
4. Boudin.
5. Link.
6. Bratwurst.
7. Frank.
8. Frankie.
9. Hot Dog.
10. Jimmy Dean.



Dachshunds are muscular and long-bodied dogs that were initially bred for hunting badgers and other burrowing animals.

They’re called Dachs-hunde in German, which is why the name translates to “badger dog.” When you’re picking out a perfect name for your new best friend, consider all of these traits before giving them their final moniker.



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