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Chinese Names for Dogs

Chinese Names for Dogs

In China, dogs are called dogs even though they are man’s best friend? In China, the word for dog is “gou”, and there are many different names that can correspond to this depending on age or size.

In China, most people prefer to keep a dog as a companion or pet. In this country, many dog breeds have been bred and kept for centuries.

And because of that, it’s not rare to find some interesting dog names in China that do not exist anywhere else!

As far as naming goes, many Chinese people favor

Chinese Names for Dogs short and easy-to-pronounce words. It is not uncommon for one-syllable words to appear in the English language and vice versa.

So if you’re looking for a funny or cute name to call your pup, here is an extensive list of Chinese names for dogs.

This blog post will explore the various Chinese words for dogs as well as their meanings.

Top 10 Chinese names for dogs

According to the Zodiac, one of the most popular Chinese names for dogs is ‘xiu’, which translates to ‘snow’.

This name is symbolic of the dog’s perceived loyalty and dependability in adverse circumstances.

The dog’s symbol in the Chinese ZodiacZodiac is a star, which represents cleverness and intelligence.

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15 Chinese Boy Dog Names:

Chinese Names for Dogs

If you are looking for Chinese boy dog names, then here is the list:

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Female Chinese dog names:

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Different factors can influence what you choose. 

You can choose a dog’s name based on a variety of different factors. For example, if your dog is of Chinese origin, it may be more fitting to give them a Chinese name.

Dogs have been named after stars and constellations throughout history, which might also affect why people pick certain names, in which case it would be best to do some research on the subject.

Naming your dog is also a great opportunity to show off your creativity and individuality when picking out an ideal name for your new pet.

When deciding on what to name your dog, there are many factors you can consider; one consideration could be the origin of your dog.

For example, if you have a Chinese breed, it might make sense to pick a Chinese name as you want to stick with their traditions and genetics.

In the world of ZodiacZodiac, there are 12 animals represented by each year – those being rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. This is important because each animal possesses different characteristics that could be relevant to naming your pet.

It’s a well-known fact that dogs are considered man’s best friend – the loyalty they show towards their owners means that it’s preferable to give them a name that fits with this bond between them.

How to choose a good name for your pet?

Chinese Names for Dogs

The gender of your pet is the most important consideration when selecting a name. For instance, if you have a female dog, you may want to avoid names like Max and Flash, making her sound like an aggressive male dog.

Male dogs would be better off with names such as Hudson and Austin. Be sure that the name you choose is pronounceable by most people. Your dog’s name should reflect their personality and unique characteristics too.

The last thing, but not least, is to make sure that no one else living in your neighborhood has the same name for their pet and vice versa!

Chinese Names for Dogs According to Their Personality

In China, dog names are named according to the dog’s character. Traditionally, a dog’s name is usually given by its owner, often by observing the dog’s traits or habits and using those as a basis for a name.

For example, if a dog wags its tail a lot, it might be called “Waggy One” or “Happy Tail.” Other popular types of Chinese names for dogs include those that sound like their corresponding English equivalent (“Tommy”),

Those derived from their geographic origin (“Pekingese”), those that rhyme with animal words in Chinese (e.g. “King Kong”).

Some hidden meanings or puns behind them (e.g., “Lai Tsin Long” for “Look at This Long Dog”).

One notable dog name is the astonishingly long one given to a female Pekingese in Beijing. Its name means “Cute and Tiny.”

Another unusual Chinese name for a dog was given to the mascot of an animal rights group: Liji (literally, “Grannie Dog”).

It was originally suggested as a joke by its designer but became popular with children who loved it because it sounds like the Mandarin word for “love.”


With the Chinese Year of Dog about to start, we’ve compiled a list of China’s most popular and interesting dog names.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or want to know what other people are naming their furry companions this year, check out our top five picks below!

If your pup is still unnamed after reading through these options, don’t worry-we’ve also got some additional suggestions at the bottom for those who can’t make up their minds.

We hope that with these choices available, everyone will find something perfect for their new best friend.

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