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Cat Names for Girl Cats

girls cat name

Cat Names for Girl Cats Cats are the best pets ever and the perfect addition to any family. But when it comes to naming your new feline friend, you might not know where to start. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of clever girl cat names for your consideration!

Proper cat names can be hard to come up with. But there’s no need to worry because we’re here to help! We’ve prepared this list of cool and creative girl cat names for you to use as a resource.

cat names for girls

And if none of these cat name ideas is quite right, all it takes is a little more imagination (and some help from our extensive list of male cat names) to find one that fits your kitty perfectly.

30 Best Cat Names for Girl Cats:

Do you know that cats are the best pets ever and the perfect addition to any family? But when it comes to naming your new feline friend, you might not know where to start. Here are the very best cat names for girls so that you can pick just the right one.

There are some great girl cat names to choose from, but not all of them will fit your new kitten. Let’s take a look at what our favorite kitty has given us below:


Mitzy This short name is similar in sound to its Spanish origin word “Mitz,” which means honeycomb or sweet delight.
Rosie A classic name that has been used as far back as 1901.
Cinni A variation on cinnamon may also be spelled with an extra I at the end (Cinny).
Willow Great for those who love nature and the outdoors.
Lizzie A sweet, soft, old-fashioned name.
Alina A playful-sounding name for a girl cat.
Bluebelle This pretty name resembles any number of blue things and is also quite feminine. You could use “Blue” as a nickname.
Lady An option for those who want to name their cat something regal. The word’s meaning is “noblewoman.”
Blackberry Fun and sweet without being too frilly or girly. For fans of the berry and purr-sonality!
Cinnamon You could also use “Cinni” for a second name like the spice.
Twinkle A great name for a cat who has particularly adorable eyes. Once again, its origin is from the word meaning “to sparkle like diamonds.”
Cleo A short and sweet option. “Cleopatra” is also a possible variation.
Cookie A perfect name for any cat that loves to eat!
LunaA variation of the moon that’s as pretty as it sounds. It could even be shortened to “Lun.”
Ladybug Just like the adorable insect, this cat name is cute and fun.
Jasmine A lovely name inspired by the sweet, southern flower.
Ginger Thanks to Virginia Wolf (one of the founders of Psychoanalytic theory), we tend to associate ginger with redheads and fiery personalities!
Vanilla A sweet name that you could also use to describe your cat’s appearance (or personality).
Misty This soft and airy sound derives from the word “mist,” which is vapor in the form of liquid.
Kitten Just like its definition, it’s cute. And this way, you’ll always remember that your cat is still a baby.
Peachy For those who love the taste of peaches and want their cat to reflect its sweet flavor. And if you’re going to get creative, you could shorten it to something more unique like Pea.
Petunia A flower-inspired name with a cute nickname, “Tootie,” as well.
Angel A great option for someone who thinks their cat is pretty as an angel. It could also be used as a pet name.
AmberIf your cat’s eyes are the color of honey or amber (a shade of yellow), this may be the name for her.
Goldie Just like the precious metal, we think it’s a fitting way to describe your cat’s appearance.
Honey A sweet option with a fun nickname, “Honeybuns.”
Willow For those who are fans of nature and the outdoors.
Ava This cute name comes from the Latin word for “life,” which is also the name used in French for Hazelnut.
Misty A soft and airy sounding word that reminds us of mist.
Lizzie A soft and sweet old-fashioned name with a “Liz” nickname.

Cute Cat Names For Girl Cats:

cat name

Here are some cute cat names for girl cats:

Daisy A flower name perfect for a sweet kitty.
Dotty An English word meaning “pretty.”
Ginger A spice name with a fiery twist.
Lola The Spanish version of “pretty” or “charming” also fits, given this breed’s penchant for play and socialization.
Molly – A pet name for a shy cat.
Mousie This term is endearing and amusing at once! It’s also one of the cuter nicknames for a cat, thanks to its resemblance to ‘mouse’ and the fact that cats are so well-known for being natural predators of mice.
Muffin A fun name that also sounds like “mo often,” which can be said in a cute British accent! Meowy, indeed.
Pamela A cute name that sounds like the “Pamela” in the rhyme, “Curly Locks.”
Patch Cats are known for white facial and body markings, so this is a perfect cat name.
Patches This pet name can double as an actual patchwork quilt. How cute is that?
Penny The smallest coin in the U.S. dime comes from a Latin word meaning “small” or “love,” making it ideal for your small-boned buddy!
Pepper This is a cute name with multiple meanings, including that cats tend to be very playful and like to jump around.

Funny Cat Names For Girl CatsNames For Girl cat:

girls cat name

If you want to make your family and friends laugh, tell them that you blessed your cat with one of these hilarious, fun-loving names.

  • Queen Bey.
  • Scratchy.
  • Purr-lina.
  • Paw-la Abdul.
  • Yoyo.
  • Catti B.
  • Joker.
  • Whiskers.


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