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Boxer Dog Names

Boxers are a popular breed of dog that has been around for centuries. Whether you’re looking for a short, medium, or long-haired boxer, there’s no shortage of species to choose from.

Boxer dogs are known for their intelligence and loyalty, making them the perfect pet!

Our blog post has compiled 50 great names for boxers if you’re looking to get one soon!

      50 great names for boxers and meaning:


  1. Apache- a lovable, sweetie pie who’s always there to protect you from danger

  2. Bella- the protector of all things good and just
  3. Biker- a loyal friend who always has your back
  4. Bossy- the alpha dog who bosses everyone around
  5. Chief- a tough, fearless fighter who is a natural leader
  6. Duchess – an elegant lady with a refined taste for life and all its pleasures
  7. Elvis- a lover of music and one of the most popular dogs in America
  8. Fatty Mcbutterpants – an adorable pup that is sure to give you lots of love and kisses!
  9. Finnick – this big guy was named after the famous character from the Hunger Games
  10. Frodo – a brilliant pup that will follow you anywhere
  11. Harley Quinn-Quinn is perfect for your sweetheart, who’s always your sidekick in crime
  12. Jax- this dog was named after game of thrones’ most notorious character.
  13. Loki- named after the Norse god of mischief, this dog is sure to be up to no good sometimes
  14. Pops – a sweet, gentle soul that never misses an opportunity to give you lots of kisses
  15. Puppy– the loveable baby brother of your family who everyone adores

  16. Queenie – This dog is powerful and has an elegant beauty to her
  17. Red- a ball of boundless energy that never seems to run out
  18. Rocket- named after the space explorer, this pup will help you find all the planets in the solar system!
  19. Sassy- this dog is the sassiest pup in town. She won’t take orders from anyone, but you
  20. Scout- named after Atticus Finch’s daughter in To Kill a Mockingbird who always knows what’s best

  1. Stella- this dog will always respect your authority and listen to you at all times

  2. Spunky- this dog will always be there to brighten your day with their happy attitude
  3. Tux – perfect for the pup who wants to be dressed to the nines at all times!
  4. Zelda- named after everyone’s favorite video game character, this dog is sure to give you lots of love and affection
  5. Zena- this dog is known for its bravery and will always keep you safe when in danger
  6. Zion- find peace with this dog who comes from the highest of heights to love you
  7. Caesar- in honor of Julius Caesar, this pup is both strong and intelligent
  8. Finn – a very handsome young man with a very bright future
  9. Sully- this pup is perfect for you. They’ll never leave your side
  10. Hunter- this dog likes to track and hunt and will always be on guard when anything is near
  11. Tilly – This little girl brings you lots of joy and happiness 32. Lola – a friendly, happy dog who is always looking for a new adventure
  12. Einstein- This pup is full of energy and always thinking of new adventures!
  13. Duke – this pup is named after one of the most iconic characters in America
  14. Ruby – perfect for the friend who sees life’s hardships as exciting adventures
  15. Cleo – this dog is always looking for its next adventure!

  16. Winston – a little pup with lots of personalities who is sure to steal your heart
  17. Pumpkin- this dog’s personality radiates as bright as the sun and brings you warmth
  18. Lucy – smart as a whip, this pup has a perfect memory and does not let anything slip by
  19. Rocky – this pup is as tough as nails and will always be there for you
  20. June- the perfect friend for summer. They love to have fun under the sun
  21. Daisy- a cute pup with excellent manners who always cleans up their mess
  22. Apollo- This dog has a very bright future ahead of them and can achieve anything they put their mind to
  23. Charlotte- This big girl is very patient and will always listen to your commands
  24. King – this pup is named after the most famous leader of all time. He’ll never steer you wrong
  25. Rory- a fun-loving dog who lives for adventure!
  26. Princess- a beautiful and graceful girl that deserves all the best in life
  27. Charlie – Named after the most iconic detective, this dog will always be there for you when you need them!
  28. Lady- this pup’s regal charm is one in a million, and everyone should know it

50. Ernie – This pup is brilliant and can solve any problem.

10 Female Boxer Names:

  1. Huntress
  2. Indiana
  3. Alaska
  4. Andromeda
  5. Blizzard
  6. Rogue
  7. Sable
  8. Xena
  9. Vixen
  10. Brooklyn

10 Male Boxer Names:

  1. Tito
  2. Crash
  3. Duke
  4. Maximus
  5. Caesar
  6. Captain
  7. Chief
  8. Thor
  9. Blaze
  10. Goliath

Boxer Name Advice:

If you’re having trouble deciding on the perfect boxer name, don’t forget that there is always some sort of inspiration for these memorable monikers.

Maybe your favorite foods or books come to mind when thinking about what type of dog breeders would name their pup?

You could also look into celebrity names like Bruce Springsteen and different color-themed possibilities such as Snowball!

The perfect dog name isn’t something that can just be decided in an instant.

It takes time and consideration for the best boxer breed of your life, so consider this when coming up with a canine moniker!

Many factors to consider, like what rolls off the tongue easily or sounds catchy enough without being overused.


Boxers are a type of dog that is known to be solid and robust.

This article has provided you with many different types of names for your boxer pup. Still, there may also be some you want to consider representing boxers’ personality or character traits, such as Duke, Bossy, Reggie, and Gunner.

No matter what name you decide on, make sure it suits them well!

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