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Basset Hound Dog Names

Basset Hounds ( Basset Hound Name )  are a breed of dog that is known for their short legs and long ears. The most important thing to remember with this breed is that they need ample exercise.

They are one of the most loyal breeds and thrive on attention. Basset hounds are known for their long ears and short legs.

They were originally bred to be hunting dogs because of their great sense of smell and ability to follow a scent, but now they’re just as happy running around the yard or couch snuggling with you.

If you’re looking for a Basset Hound name, we’ve got some ideas! This blog post has 50 great, creative names to choose from when you’re looking for a name for your Basset Hound Name.

50 Basset Hound names & meanings:

Here are the top 50 Basset Hound names:

1) Fluffy: Many people think this is an obvious choice because it’s one word and describes the coat texture well. Plus, it rhymes with other words like “fluffy.”

2) Buttons: If you want something more on the playful side (though not as common), this may be the perfect option!

3) Muddy Paws: This cute nickname can refer to either paws or overalls after they’ve been outside in the mud all day long.

It’s a cute, unique option.

4) Emma: This is a classic name for Basset Hounds, and it’s easy to see why!

5) Theo: Just because this isn’t a common dog name doesn’t mean that it won’t fit your pup perfectly. Plus, you can always shorten it to “Theo-bear” if you want.

6) Spencer: This surname is perfect for a hound dog. It can be shortened to “Spence” or just left the way it is!

7) Zoey: This adorable name can refer to either the cute name for “life” after they bring so much joy into your life, or it can be short for “zoologist” after the unique animal that they are.

8) Hopper: Adorable and cuddly, this name can refer to either their hopping gait or just to the fact that they’re always jumping around at home!

9) Poppy: This adorable name is perfect for either a boy or a girl. It can also be shortened to “Poppy-poo” if you want it to sound even cuter!

10) Oliver: This classic name is perfect for any dog. Plus, it can easily be shortened to just plain ol’ “Ollie” if that’s what you prefer.

11) Kaiser: If your pup is a natural-born leader, this is the perfect name for them!

12) Cricket: Perfect for a vocal hound, this adorable name comes from the fact that they often make happy sounds like “crickets!” It’s also an underused name.

13) Ebenezer Scrooge: This hilarious option references one of the most famous and beloved Christmas movies of all time: A Christmas Carol.

14) George: This classic name is perfect for a dog that’s as dependable as George Bailey from It’s A Wonderful Life. He always does the right thing, and he does it with heart!

15) Fiona: This cute name sounds like “fee-oh-nah” and means “fair.” It’s a great option if you want something different.

16) Zeus: If your pup is the king of the house, this regal name is perfect for him!

17) Tasha: This feminine name can be short for Natasha or just on its own. It’s also got an adorable rhyme with “Chacha.”

18) Roger: This cute option is short and simple but packs a lot of personalities. Plus, it’s got the perfect rhyme with “smoger” if you want to go that route!

19) Cora: If your pup has an elegant flair about her, this underused name is perfect for her!

20) Jiji: This unique and adorable name comes from the Japanese word for “old.”

21) Max: This classic dog name is short, simple, and easy to remember. Plus, you can always add a cute nickname like “Maxi” or “Max-a-million” if you want to!

22) Sadie: This name is perfect for a laid-back dog. It can also be shortened to “Sadie-kins” if you want the rhyme!

23) Beethoven: An adorable option comes from one of the most famous composers in history. It’s short, simple, and easy to remember!

24) Zesty: This is perfect for any dog if you want an easy name to remember.

25) Ginger: This name comes from the spice, and if your pup has red or orange fur, it’s a great option.

26) Cleo: This classic option references one of the most famous queens ever to live, Cleopatra!

27) General: This unique option gives your dog a bossy sound. It’s great for a dog that thinks they’re in charge of everything around them!

28) Quincy: This adorable name is perfect for any pup, whether it’s a boy or girl. Plus, it has the perfect rhyme with “squeaky!”

29) Foxy: This unique option is perfect for a dog that has red or reddish fur.

30) Buddy: If your pup is more of an “average Joe” rather than the life of the party, this is a great choice for them.

31) Lucca: This cute and short option references the genius inventor, Leonardo Da Vinci!

32) Gizmo: This fun option is perfect for a dog that gets into trouble on the regular. It also references the cute little Mogwai from Gremlins!

33) Bones: Perfect for a pup that loves to bury bones in the yard, this one is short and simple.

34) Butterscotch: This adorable option is perfect for a dog with light-colored fur.

35) Lulu: This short and sweet name references the Queen of England’s royal corgi, given to her by King George VI!

36) Chapman: If your pup is as brave as Captain William Bligh’s loyal dog, this name is perfect for them.

37) Zeus: This regal option references one of the most famous and beloved Greek gods.

38) Beelzebub: This unique name is great if you want something strange but not too strange! It comes from the prince of demons.

39) Hershey: If your pup loves to eat chocolate, this is the perfect name for them! It references the iconic American chocolate company.

40) Sidney: This adorable option comes from Shakespeare’s As You Like It and refers to one of his characters.

41) Bruno: This short and simple name is perfect for a laid-back dog.

42) Patches: If your dog has patches of different colors, this fun option is perfect!

43) Duffy: This adorable moniker comes from Paddington Bear, and you can add a nickname like “Duffster” if you want to!

44) Shadow: This short and sweet name references the loyal pet of The Lone Ranger.

45) Tango: This fun option is perfect for a dog that loves to jump around! It also comes from one of the most famous operas in history.

46) Bandit: If your pup has a mischievous streak, this is the perfect name for them.

47) Annabelle: This sweet option comes from The Conjuring and shortens to “Belle” if you want the rhyme!

48) Louie: If you want a boy dog name that’s unique, this is perfect for your pup. It was also one of President John F Kennedy’s favourite dogs.

49) Clyde: This classic option is perfect for a laid-back dog. It also references one of the most famous bank robbers of all time, Bonnie and Clyde!

50) Casper: This is an adorable option if you want to call your pup something unique. Plus, it references the friendly cartoon ghost!

Female basset hound name:

Here are the top ten female basset hound names:

  • Luna.
  • Sadie.
  • Lola.
  • Dixie.
  • Daisy.
  • Lucy.
  • Bella.
  • Beau.


The Basset Hound is a popular breed of dog, and their temperaments vary from friendly to stubborn.

However, all bassets have in common that they are devoted companions who will stand by your side no matter what comes your way!

If you’re looking for some inspiration on naming your new pup, we’ve compiled a lot of our favorite names right here. From Fluffy to Sidney, there’s sure to be the perfect name out there for you!

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